With five ski resorts nearby, the Red Relaxer is the perfect base for a winter getaway.  Gear up at Mountain Sports, just four miles away, where you can rent skis, snowboards, and snowshoes.

If big mountain skiing is not your thing, try sledding!  We’ve got a few sleds you can use, and our private drive makes a great sledding hill for kids.  Or, head up the mountain to Snow Bunny where you can go tubing.

The premier ski resort on Mt. Hood; modern high-speed lifts, good variety of terrain

Excellent beginner/intermediate resort with skiing year-round

Great night skiing, lots of fun year-round activities; closest resort to the Red Relaxer (14 miles)

Mom & pop operation good for kids and beginners; furthest away from the Red Relaxer

Another small family resort good for kids and beginners; located close to Ski Bowl

Snow Sports at Mt. Hood

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